Sunday, 27 July 2014

Eating @ Affogato, Edinburgh

My score: 5/5
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A gelateria in Scotland seems like a pretty risky enterprise in my opinion, but thankfully Affogato does gelato so well that I'm certain they'll be having customers no matter what the weather. At the very least, I'll be there!

I mean, look at that delicious gelato to the left. Creamy, home-made, bursting with flavour and all delightfully served in a crispy waffle cone (or a tub, if you're that way inclined...). Yes, this is gelato like they make in Italy and thankfully it's come to Edinburgh's West End. Since I discovered this shop earlier this month I've been back 3 times, recommended it to all my friends, taken an Italian friend and I intend to be taking family there next week. Did that I mention I love gelato? I won't deny it.

All the gelato is home-made and changes on a regular basis. I myself have had coconut, dark chocolate, chocolate malt, fig and ricotta gelato and dark chocolate sorbet (the moment I tasted the dark chocolate sorbet I knew I was in love. The fig and ricotta is pretty damn delicious too!). If you're not sure about what flavour you would like the friendly staff are more than happy to let you taste their wide selection of flavours because, let's be honest, trying to choose between salted caramel and stracciatella can be a hard choice. A small cone (£2.80) comes with 2 flavours as standard, as in Italy. The serving sizes are pretty generous and the price is completely fair. For gelato this good, it's an outright bargain! They also sell milkshakes, cakes and other ice-cream based treats.

The cafe itself if very homely and a bit like the Tardis in that it's a lot bigger on the inside than you would expect! Comfy couches, maps of Italy, candles and an inquisitive old dog (yes, this cafe is dog friendly) create a comfy, if not thrilling, atmosphere where you can happily sit and chat for hours. The shop is open until 10pm making it a wonderful spot for late night relaxation and chat.

Simply put, Affogato is a taste of Italy right here in Scotland. Can't wait until your next holiday for your gelato fix? Get yourself to Affogato. Job done.

Mi piace il gelato!

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