Thursday, 29 May 2014

Eating @ Beanscene, Edinburgh

Eating @ Beanscene, Edinburgh 

My score: 3/5.
TripAdvisor review: here.
Address: here.

I say eating, but it was only drinking. The building is nice enough, lots of space, free wifi, a mix of chairs and tables and you can order food or drinks. I ordered a skinny latte (as usual), small size (they also do large size which is LARGE) and the price was normal for sit in, about £3. The staff who took my order was pleasant enough, I have no complaints. My latte arrived in good time with a leaf coffee art. How did the latte taste? Dull. The taste of coffee was not good and I ended up with a very average, forgettable tasting latte. Beanscene is a chain so I wasn't expecting too much, if I'm honest, and my expectations were met. I don't recommend them for coffee.

I don't have much to say about Beanscene, if I am honest. It was all very average and I won't be (purposefully) heading back.

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