Sunday, 8 June 2014

Eating @ Bobby's Sandwich Bar, Edinburgh

My score: 4/5.
Address: here.

It seems unfair to judge a shop on a take-away bacon bap, but that's what I'm doing. It is, after all, a take-away sandwich shop. So how was my bacon bap? Well, there was a good amount of bacon and it was nicely warmed. Also, it had a good proportion of fat to bacon and a nice smokey taste. I got a gentle amount of ketchup, as asked, no butter, with a nice soft roll. I must say that the bap was very pleasing. Service seemed a bit slow but everything seems slow when you're in a rush. 3 to 5 min was all I waited, truth be told.

So, for £1.35 this bap was definitely worth getting, and I will come back to Bobby's Sandwhich Bar in the future to satisfy my bacon needs!

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